Hello guys! We are Dima and Kostya and this is our story how we decided to hitchhike around Europe having only 100 euros in the pocket and a guitar. Our goal is to motivate people to lead active lifestyle showing that travelling and emotions it gives are accessible to everyone and only the sky is a limit.
April 15th. Day 1
The #DostupnoEurotrip challenges (as expected) started back in Kyiv when, a few hours before the flight from Kyiv to Krakow, Kostya ... vanished. Dmytro had every chance of repeating his 2017 challenge and going on the journey alone. And for Kostya, hitchhiking would have been started in Kyiv – to catch up with Dmytro somewhere in Europe ;)

Luckily, 1.5 hours before departure, Kostya was found. The guys packed in a hurry. Someone packed a bunch of unnecessary things (Kostya). Someone forgot a bunch of necessary things (Dima). They managed to catch the plane in time. What's more, their hand luggage that, under the laws of physics, was supposed to go into the baggage compartment, also went into the passenger cabin.

In Krakow, they went for a walk with The Tkachuks: Ivanka, Sashko and little Teresa looking for a guitar. Sashko is an engineer, a chemist and a carpenter, but he calls himself simply 'a guest worker.' And Ivanka is making amazing toys and pillows. You should see this awesomeness. IG: @mama_makes_friends!

Olenka Chuzhova agreed to be a host for our travellers in Krakow. Thank you! On the way to her place, more adventures followed. The guys were traveling by bus and a kind driver asked where they were heading to lower the ramp for Dmytro. They got out one stop earlier and, while they were trying to figure out where they were, they noticed a strange thing: the bus was not leaving. When the guys realised that they had to go further and ran back to the bus, it turned out that the driver remembered that it was too early for them to leave so he was calmly waiting until they got back.

The guys continued exploring the city with Ivan and Marta Lashkay. Marta gave them poppy seed buns. The buns were so delicious that Dmytro even had two of them. His athletic diet was ruined on the first day; ) This, by the way, is the boys' reserve of food for today. Ivan shared a lot about Krakow. They were looking for a guitar together. They found it! BUT it turned out to be damaged, so the search for the guitar continues. They even were thinking of going crazy and spending all 100 euros on it. That's how the guys are planning to make a living – by playing guitar in city streets. You remember, right? It turned out, however, that brand new guitars are more expensive. As a solution, the guys borrowed a guitar from Olenka today. The plan is to raise money to buy a SIM card to have a 24/7 communication.

The guys got back home at 1am. Olenka made a delicious dinner. She took everything that was in a fridge. What's more, it was at her place that they saw an awesome sunset earlier. What more one can wish for? Olenka organises the Ukrainian Poetry Nights in Krakow and teaches Ukrainian to everyone who wishes to learn the language.
Time passes in a strange way here: Dima woke up at 6am and he was sure that it was past 10am already. An old school paper map comes in handy to get around the city. Topping it all off, there are also wonderful people everywhere – lots of wonderful people and they are ready to help you. Our expenditure for the 1st day totalled €0)) See you tomorrow in Prague, which you have chosen for us! Follow us as we share our adventures! And if you want to support the project and to make video stories about the journey a reality, you can do so by making a donation below.
April 16th, Day 2
Breaking news! Dmytro and Kostya were arrested by police! The only information we have for now is that they are being transported in two separate cars: Dima and Kostia are traveling in one car and Dima's wheelchair is being carried by another vehicle. Thanks to one of the officers, who kindly agreed to share Wi-Fi with guys, you can follow the development of the events in real time on Instagram @schebetyuk and @dostupno_ua. Stay tuned.

And now some good news. Yesterday Dmytro and Kostia earned their first money in #DostupnoEurotrip! Dmytro sang his songs and played guitar and in 20 minutes they earned 39.5 zloty (almost 10 euros). Baby, You`re a Rich Man! And this money was just enough to feed them for a day They didn't buy the guitar but borrowed it from Olenka. In Prague, they were offered a free guitar. So it seemed. However, they still need to get there somehow.

By the way, turned out that in the historical center of Krakow you can not earn money by playing the guitar. Once a month, there is a competition, where a special commission chooses the best players and gives permission to play in the city center. Let's consider that our travelers got the "People's Choice Award" from their subscribers from DostupnoUA and the right to play guitar in Krakow :)

Waiting at the bus station Dima fell back on the backpacks. They wanted to enter the trolley bus. There was a ramp, but no driver call button, so they tried climbing up themselves. Kostya didn't know how to help and Dima didn't control the process. So imagine a picture: Shchebetiuk lies on the road, like a turtle on the back ;) , and cars drive behind. Sadly, no one captured it on the camera. Fortunately, though everything worked out: they stood back up again and went to another trolley bus. What shall they do :)

Moreover, near the WC of the "Krakivskaya gallery" Dmitry was recognized by one of his fans: "OMG!!! You are the Shchebetiuk!!1 You're kidding me! Let's make a photo?" They created a small crowd near the restroom, and passersby couldn't understand what was happening: whether Beyoncé collects the Polish legion of her fans, or another a little less famous star.

Appositely the toilet itself in the mall is well-arranged: everything is convenient, swaddling table, automatic machine for the sale of diapers. Even some elements of luxury are included - a microwave and a leather rocking chair. Have you ever seen such a thing? Dima and Kostya decided to return there for a night if they don't find another place to sleep.

As a result, for the day they walked 11 km and overcame around 60 km by public transport. To our regret, the attempt to leave Krakow has failed: it became really cold at night and they returned to Olenka for a night. Now they are planning to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning and immediately move to the highway. The road to Prague. The second try.

April 17th, Day 3
Enchanted Poland! Our Polish neighbors saw how cool Dmytro and Kostyantyn were and didn't want to let them go. Otherwise it is hard to explain the difficulties with the road between Krakow and Prague.

Already on the road, through a secret gate which some kind person left open, they got to the McDonald's,. And there they met ... the neighbor of Dmytro's uncle, Igor Shchebetyuk, from Lityn. She works as Senior Manager there. Our people everywhere :) Had some tea and went to hitchhike. Already in 20 min Polish people heading to Norway, stopped, and drove them to Katowice.

With help of several buses they got to the outskirt of the city. Hitchhiked and hitchhiked and realized that something was wrong here. As it turned out, the guys hitchhiked at an unauthorized place — on a toll motorway. Apparently, someone told the police where they were standing. Dima and Kostya almost persuaded the cops to join the #DostupnoEurotrip and go on a trip with them. Failed

The wheelchair did not fit into the police car, so another came for it. At the end, they got off with a fune, and were released.

At 8 pm Dima and Kostya gave up and decided to spread the tent in a parking lot on the outskirts of Katowice. (Who marked this option in the previous post, confess, how did you know?;)) The local guard advised to choose that place, he also gave the boys some tea. So they stayed for the night there. A tent, sleeping bags and warm clothes from @ProPohody were useful. In the morning, the guys continued to seek happiness on their way to Prague.

Results of the third day #DostupnoEurotrip:
Disappeared for almost a day
Spent 23.42 euros on a fine (balance — 76.58 euros for 27 days)
Walked 11 km

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P.S. They got to Prague afterall. Disrupted the enchanted circle;)
April 18th, Day 4
To survive the night at absolute zero? Dmytro and Kostyantyn have already done it! And in the morning they met the guard of the parking, where they slept, moreover he gave them some tea! During the conversation it turned out that he is also a person with a disability (has a prosthetic on one of the legs). Everything can happen. At times, disability is a completely non-obvious factor that does not make a person better, worse or more specific.

Finally, the luck was on the boys' side while hitchhiking. In the parking lot Paul from Latvia picked them up. He speaks three foreign languages (English, German and Russian)and repairs cars. The next year, he plans to visit Ukraine, because he loves to travel a lot too.

In the Czech Republic, at a parking lot, they got a lift very quickly by Michael. He was on his way to Brno, where he lives, and he gladly took Dima and Kostia there. Michael supports environmental initiatives and drowns for everything green.

On their way to Prague boys stopped an electric motors-lover, Jarovir. He was previously fond of parachute jumps, but once he injured his leg and quit that sport. Jarovir travels a lot for work. For him, hitchhiking is an opportunity to chat with people.

For some time, the guys were in the outskirts of Prague, in one of the local shopping centers. There, Dmytro met a girl - Anka. Anka works at the mall, they had a nice talk, however, this did not go any further: Anka puts her career in first place and had to return to her business, and Dmytro - he's just Dmytro :)

Anastasia Shafranska and her family hosted our travelers next. Anastasia wrote herself to our Facebook page, after the incident with the Polish police xD, with a proposal to shelter our explorers near Prague and take them to the outskirts of the city. They spent the night in warmth, well-fed, and treated by Czech beer. Isn't it a wonderful compensation for the night in the tent before? :)

During the day, they ate the stocks that were brought from Ukraine - energybars and nuts. Therefore, they avoided spending any money. Travel balance - 76.58 euros.

Today Dima and Kostya are going to be in Prague. They have already had a meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic @Yevhen Perebyinis and checked the diplomacy building for availability, because in two days they will vote in Frankfurt. Besides in Prague our rock stars were promised a free guitar. Well, that would be great. At night, the guys return to Anastasia. And tomorrow ... There will be a new day and see what adventures it brings :)

P.S .: if you have read to this place, it might be interesting for you to know that the temperature of absolute zero is -273 ° C )))
April 19th, Day 5
We could not even imagine what V.I.P. traveling with #DostupnoEurotrip;) In the morning a transport for diplomatic personnel and executives was waiting for Dmytro and Kostyantyn. On the way to Ukrainian Embassy in Czech Republic they dropped by the music store. Very big musical paradise for Schebetyuk. Let Dima go inside such a great store is like a story about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And although Dima wanted to buy all the guitars, no matter to the budget, he had to pick one. Now our travelers have a possibility to earn money. And we can worry for them a little less :)

The Embassy was inaccessible. Ambassador Yevhen Perebyinis was indeed very concerned. "That's what we have as an heritage. We think what to do with it ". After the official part, they went to the pub, to try famous Czech Beer. Mr. Yevhen did not drink, because he had to work:)

The car from the Embassy drove them to Vyšehrad, ancient fortress on the hill. Good Friday and almost nothing was open in the city. The nearby post office was inaccessible, plus nobody from staff reacted to the call button . Uh, Dostupno should have work with them. )) Dmytro and Kostya still overcame the inaccessibility and sent three cards from the Prague Post Office for those who supported #DostupnoEurotrip for a sum over 500 hryvnias. They will also send one to you when you support. The main thing, do not forget to specify your address in the field "Specification of the payment". And if you want to support the project and to make video stories about the journey a reality, you can do so by making a donation using a green box at the top of the page.

Afterwards, the guys decided to try out their investment - playing the guitar. They were seated on the Karlův most. The sun is warming, the river Vltava flows peacefully. Many people are on the wheelchairs. And it's nice to see them, and Dmytro started singing his songs again.

"Look, that's TorontoTV guy!", ukrainians were passing by Dmytro and Kostya. They did not give any money though. Recognized, and that's not bad.

Total per day:
Met with one Ambassador of Ukraine to the Czech Republic
Bought a new guitar for 35 euros, and earned a € 53 playing it
7 km walked by foot, 60 km by car of the Embassy
Got a European SIM-card. Thank you very much for that, Ukrainian Embassy!

In the morning, the guys gave a bid farewell to the incredible Anastasia Shafranska, Vladimir Onyshchuk, their daughter Aurora, and with their own morning dawn, they will continue hitchhiking on the way to Frankfurt. Volodymyr, Anastasia, Aurora, you are extremely warm and sincere! We are glad that our guys were on your way to meet you!
April 20th, Day 6
The Universe is kindly paying off a debt to Dmytro and Kostyantyn for a hard start of their hitchhiking: back then guys could not leave Krakow for a long time but now they managed to stop a car to Frankfurt in just half an hour. 500 km of roads went by in a blink of an eye: awesome driver, fast car and a good road.

Madam Consul in Frankfurt Alla Polyova helped the guys with the search of accommodation. We're incredibly grateful to Lev Weinberg for hosting guys in his hotel. A few words about the hotel's accessibility: even though there is a small threshold at the entrance everything else is great. There is an elevator. The rooms are comfortable for everyone regardless of disability. It feels cool that the hotel is accessible not just because it has to be so but simply because this is the norm. In the majority of European countries it is just as accessible. This gives you a feeling of freedom and mobility. You just go out and there is no need to plan every step to avoid an inaccessible underpass, stairs etc. You go out and go wherever you want to. Sometimes Ukraine really lacks this kind of freedom. That's why one develops this pleasant habit of freedom in Europe.

The Main River inspired Dmytro to play guitar. Sitting on the river bank in an uncrowded place he decided to play for fun, not for money. However, the money still found our travelers. So, plus 12 euros in the piggy bank.

Today in the morning guys voted at the local consulate. Afterwards they are going to Luxembourg, according to the results of your vote on our page. #DostupnoEurotrip is speeding up. There are many more new cities, emotions, people and adventures ahead. Follow them with us!
April 21st, Day 7
Dmytro and Kostantyn conquered Frankfurt! After their performance on one of the streets, Bon Jovi canceled the concert in the city as well as Scorpions canceled another farewell tour! The success surprised even the guys themselves. More than 30 euros for half an hour! They decided that they would definitely return to Frankfurt, because there was a generous and loyal audience xD

Afterwards the guys checked out of the hotel and headed for the meeting with Mrs. Consul Alla Polyova. They enjoyed tea and a nice conversation. Mrs. Consul told them about work in Frankfurt and kindly arranged one of her colleagues to drive the guys outside the city to a hitchhiking spot.

Due to Easter the guys failed to send postcards to our supporters. They will surely do it in their next city. Do you remember what you need to do, that Dmytro can send you a postcard from #DostupnoEurotrip?

On their way out of the city our hitchhikers met Jonni from Finland. He also has been hitchhiking for three months without money and running a blog. He supports our idea of #DostupnoEurotrip and that travelling can be cheap. There shouldn't be any barriers or obstacles. People like to create difficulties but all you have to do is to get ready and go!

Our travelers couldn't catch any car for a long time, so they decided to change their place: they reached the airport (9.80 euros for two). They went on the hitchwiki website, found a convenient place and twenty minutes later some Polish guys picked them up. Their route showed to turn much earlier but they went further to help our guys to get to Kaiserslautern.

Lots of people were stopping by and tried to help guys out. Unfortunately, their routes did not match. But then guys met Doriana. She was simply a Saint! She took guys with her despite the fact that she was going to other destination. Dima and Kostya packed wheelchair and backpacks into a teeny-tiny car that was already packed, barely shut the door and set off. Doriana drove them to town called Kusel, gave her dinner to guys and additional 20 Euros. They had heartfelt goodbye and then she drove off to her husband.

During the night, boys got stuck at the part of the road between Kusel and Trier. In Trier, which is next to the Luxembourg border, guys will get greeted by Katya. She used to be Dima's love in junior school (emoji hearts). Now she has a lovely family and two kids. Dima lost his chance at 4th grade xD.

And while they are near Kusel: night, road, forest, starfall. Romantic, right? The cold that breaks down to the bones, no place where to set the tent. 90 km from Trier. No one stops. Fortunately, there was a gas station, where they spent the night.

The day was a bit tense. For the day they spent 11.80 euros. Twice talked to the German police on the road. Fortunately, they did not get any fine. Although the first thought was that they will get fined. Police officers were more concerned about Dmytro's and Kostya's safety. Asked not to hitchhike on dangerous road sections. Also the boys had a little fight and they did not want to talk to each other. However, everything is already in the past :) In the morning they got to Trier.
April 22nd, Day 8
After sleepover at the gas station Dima and Kostya finally got to Trier. Andria, a German girl, saw guys at the gas station, went home for her husband Marcus and drove our travelers off. They had a walk, as usual played guitar earning 50,29 Euros. Who cares about Frankfurt when the audience in Trier is way more friendly! Hence, the guys decided that they would get back there for sure xD. With all that joy, they shared 8 (!) cheeseburgers that day.

They've met Dima's friend Katya and her husband Victor. Together, they went to the village called Schengen, where the famous agreement had been signed. Seen some Berlin Wall remnants and returned to Victor and Katya for a sleepover. They got a bunk bed for kids and guess who took the top bunk xD. In the morning guys went to Luxembourg. Stay tuned for a new story tomorrow.
April 23d, Day 9
The guys synchronized in their sleep! They slept on a children's two-story bed. Dima's tiredness began to show after a difficult day, he slept poorly at night and twisted a lot. And Kostya, who slept on the upped bed, felt all the night movements. We can say for sure that they have found a new instrument of empathy - a two-storied bed xD

After the night at Catherine Sinkova and Victor, the guys went to Luxembourg (the city). In all Luxembourg (country) there is a single ticket for all public transport - for 4 euros a day. From next year they plan to make free travel to avoid traffic jams. Our travelers went to the city by a super comfortable train: a ramp for Dmytro was pulled and the WC was equipped with a swaddling table. The local train station is also available. The arranged toilet is closed, but there is a telephone: you can just ring and an employee arrives in two minutes and opens it.

When our explorers got to the city, Victor met them, showed the city a little and ran back to his work. Near the central square Dima and Kostya combined a pleasant with pleasant - playing the guitar with money earning (they got 18.86 euros). Next to them there were guys from Amnesty International, who were doing a survey and singing along with Dima. Shchebetyuk's talents reaches wide masses now. xD

Luxembourg is very similar to Kamyanets-Podilsky: there is a bridge similar to the "Strimka Lan" in Kamenets, just five meters higher, there is a canyon and in general the atmosphere of the two cities is very similar. No wonder Dima felt peacefully in Luxembourg after exhausting days in the #DostupnoEurotrip.

At the end of the day they came back home with Victor. In the border region, where they live, across the river from Germany, there are some economic features. The Germans go to Luxembourg for cheaper fuel, cigarettes and coffee, and Luxembourgers go to Germany for food.

The guys sent three more postcards to the contributors, who supported the creation of video and text materials #DostupnoEurotrip for the sum of 500 hryvnias. We really appreciate your help! You can always support us in a green box below.

In the morning, they will go to the French border by train. Victor and Katya bought food for the boys and refused to take money for it. No words can express our gratitude. You are incredible <3 From the French border, the guys are going, according to your choice, to Paris.
April 24th, Day 10
When Dmytro comes back, take a snitch when you meet him! Maybe he still smells of Europe xD Below you will understand why.

Officially — it's still the most stressful day of #DostupnoEurotrip. In the morning, the boys got the train to Bettembourg, next to the French border. Dmytro and Kostya crossed the railways by themselves, which is prohibited, and were stopped by the railroad employee. While waiting for help, the boys spoked Ukrainian within each other. An employee recognized our language and said that his wife is Ukrainian. Our people are everywhere :)

While passing by, Dmytro's backpack fell down. Of course, every time someone's bag falls down, it has some kind of fluid in it. Dmytro had a wine bottle that Katya and Victor presented them for the road. At first sight there was no sign of leakage. After a while, all the things in the backpack have absorbed the flavour of local wine, and the rest dripped down. They settled down just on the station benches, dried the clothes. Dima still smells of wine;)

Boys got to France by train. Had some sandwiches and a bottle of beer from Katya. At the gas station some boys proposed to pick up Dmytro and Kostya. A company packed themselves into a very small car. The salon of the car was filled with smells: the wine from Dmytro sweaters and cannabis from the car owners xD

The rain began during the stop at the next gas station. Boys hid the guitar under somebody's car and continued hitchhiking. No luck. After they got soaking wet, boys went inside the gas station. And there they even couldn't buy a cup of tea because of the high prices: only boiling water for tea costs 2.80 Euro. They rested for a while, warmed up and went to catch a car again. The rain intensified.

African guy from the opposite table later picked up the boys. He was first very suspicious, wanted to know where exactly in Paris were they heading. He even was almost ready to leave them, but the phrase: "it's raining, and we are stuck here, two hours without any result" convinced him to change his mind. He took everything and drove @Dmytro and Kostya to Paris. He turned out to be a very cool guy with whom the guys have very similar views about life. He admitted that he was glad to take people into the car, because he hates driving alone.

Paris Metro is not accessible: stairs, stairs and more stairs. So boys chose buses as a transport. It rained non stop. The ticket seller helped to understand the route and even gave a city map. By bus, metro and train they traveled to Versailles, where they were taken over by a guy whose brother follows Dmytro's Facebook page. Such a piece of Santa Barbara :)

We have more than 20 days of hitchhiking ahead. Adventures in # DostupnoEurotrip continues! If you want to help the project, you can always support us financially in a green box velow ^_^
April 25th, Day 11

A quiet day or is it a calm before the storm?
After the long way to the French capital our guys finally got a good night's rest. The next day was spent walking the promenades and contemplating life. Later stayed over at Sergii Gorbunov's in Versailles. Oh, Versailles — heaven for the retired, by which we mean that it is a wealthy and a very safe town ;) In the morning they went to check out the Versailles Palace — Château de Versailles.

Right at the entrance they were warned: it's not allowed to play guitar on the territory. Well, at least Dmytro and Kostyantyn managed to get in for free and didn't waste time in the endless line for admission. Turns out entrance is free for the disabled and a person accompanying them! They were provided with a map and audio guides in English, and off they were!

Entrance to the palace had a really nice ramp, properly angled, etc — all just right. Also there were stairs nearby, but guess what? Everyone uses the ramp, as it's far more convenient! Inside the palace the bathrooms were worthy of the French nobility ;) But as they passed the spacious ballroom they got into a very crowded, rather narrow hallway. For someone in the wheelchair — all you get to enjoy there is the view of the ceilings. Afterwards they had to solve a puzzle of finding an elevator: wherever they looked there was no sign of it, both literally and figuratively. Eventually they managed to get attention of a staff member who immediately unveiled the secret door, but we do wish it was possible to find without any magic involved.
So the day was spent at the Palace and the Gardens of the Versaille. Afterwards the went into the town to play some guitar. Not very lucky/productive this time — the total "income" amounted to 2 euros, but during the performance they've met a guy from Poland, had a pleasant, slightly nostalgic chat about Krakow they've recently visited, and farewelled.

Now that the story is about to be over: you can support the hitch-hiking journey that makes this blog and videos. Everyone who chip in UAH 500+ are guaranteed to get a nice postcard signed by Dmytro from the current city of trip ;)

Tonight guys will say their farewell with Sergii and return to Paris, to look for further adventures in #DostupnoEurotrip.
April 26th, Day 12

Oh, Paris!

Guys have fully dedicated their previous day to Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Versailles Train Station is totally accessible but the trains are not. As well as lifts are not working at the underground station next to the Eiffel Tower, so Dmytro had enough of jumping all over the stairs. Locals are friendly and happy to help out. According to them, accessibility in Paris is in a complete mess. Kostya's friend left him a letter right next to the Eiffel Tower, but he doesn't want to tell us what it says ;).

You have to wait in a massive queue and go through a security check to get to the Eiffel Tower. There is a separate and much shorter queue for the people with limited mobility. But security guards were treating everyone equally. In the beginning they couldn't let guys in with the guitar so they left it at the souvenir shop. Then it appears that big backpacks are not allowed either, but guards felt sorry for guys and let them in. Obviously knives are not allowed, but everything went fine (almost). Dima paid 4.10 Euros and Kostya 8.10 Euros for tickets to second floor of the Tower. Everyone was greeting them politely and leaded guys to the smallest queue. There are accessible and equipped toilets on both levels. However, lift to the lavatory on the second floor wasn't working again, but they've got a ramp for getting there.
Guys were playing guitar under the Tower and it was a success! As soon as they begun opening the guitar they got surrounded by kids. They start throwing money and our travelers. Guys earned 23 Euros and 40 cents within a day.

They had a sleepover at Kristina's and Dima's place. Thank you, guys! Kristina found out about Dima through YouTube, while looking for audiobooks in Ukrainian for her son. Did you know that Dima is also narrating audiobooks? Dima started to feel a bit under the weather in the evening. In the morning he woke up with headache and a cold. No way! And fingers on hands started to crack because of the wheelchair. But he says it's all OK, #DostupnoEurotour must go on!

Send good vibes to Dima, and support the project. As usual, for contributions of over 500 UAH you can get a postcard from the trip :)
april 27th, Day 13

Bye bye Paris!

Khrystia (@Iulia Shepet) and her whole family including husband Dmytro and son Maksym dropped guys off at the hitchhiking stop. Family gave them food, 100 euros and French sim card with 20GB data. Dima and Kostia got the best memories about the city and people living there. <3

It took them 20 minutes to stop the car, the driver was a guy from Algeria. He decided to help guys as back in his hometown he has a friend on a wheelchair. Dmytro took unusual for him back seat, lied down to relax his back and fell asleep. Sound of Ukrainian music woke him up. He heard Antytila, Khrystyna Soloviy, Skai band, Go-A. "Wow, Ukrainian music on the highway Paris – Bordeaux". It turned out that Konstyantyn was playing his songs. Guys reached Tours.They were lucky to catch their next ride quite fast, this time it was Milun and his nephew Kamal.
In Bordeaux they stayed with Valentyna Petrivna – Dima's ex mother in law and her fiancé Joel. Following beautiful local tradition they started their meal with wine and snacks with the dinner following. That's how Dmytro has grown a belly just in two weeks.

Today they spent walking around the town and went to Biscay Bay. Tomorrow they are heading off to Spain. Dmytro will gladly send you a postcard from one of the Spanish cities if you support our project by donating UAH 500 or more. What is the next destination? That totally depends on your vote on our page. No matter where our guys go next adventures of #DostupnoEurotrip are continuing.
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April 28th, Day 14

Living the life
Full and well rested, guys kept on stuffing themselves with cheese and wine. There was so much cheese that they put it even on potatoes. We don't know how it tastes but according to Dmytro and Konstiantyn it is delicious. Boys were happy and kept on asking for more food and no one denied it. Their t-shirts are barely big enough to cover their tummies, Dima is dreaming about home and gym. But no one is coming home. #DostupnoEurotrip must go on.

Recently Dima's ex mother in law and her boyfriend Joel, who hosted guys in Bordeaux, had lunch with their friends. During the lunch auntie Valya, nicely addresses to her Schebetuk, told her friends about Dima and #DostupnoEurotrip. One friend was so excited about the project so he decided to give Dima 5 euros. Valentyna Petryvna in her turn added 20 more. Dima, you missed out on such a wonderful mother in law. You can also support our project financially. Kind souls who send UAH500 and more will receive a postcard signed by Dima from the current city of trip.
Bordeaux is very similar to Lviv but it's only from the first sight. Town has many roads made of paving stones, but unlike in Ukraine, it is much milder: you go on a wheelchair and you don't feel it. Dima and Kostya went to the city with Valentina Petryvna and Joel. They took a ride on the excursion boat, as its classes as public transport it was free of charge for Dima. The boat was very convenient and had ramps for all the travelers, not only wheelchairs.

When you look at Dima you see positive and smiling person. Very few people know about household and hygienic issues he has to face on daily basis. This applies not only to him but all people in wheelchairs. This is that part of their life that most of us would rather not know about. However, this is an important issue that partially changes lives of wheelchair users.

In Bordeaux Dima ran out of diapers. Supermarkets and pharmacies are close during the weekend. There was only one pharmacy open for the whole town. It was accessible but they didn't find diapers they needed. Joel went to the pharmacist who sent him to the first floor. It was first floor of an old building, but surprisingly enough it had an elevator. They didn't have diapers but diaper underpants. They are inconvenient, because you need to remove shoes and all clothes below the waist to put them on. Regular diapers are easier to manage as they are on velcro. They still bought it to manage somehow. It takes more time and effort but the issue needs to be solved.
During #DostupnoEurotrip Dima got some nice tan and sometimes people think he is Spanish and say ¡Hola! He will need it in the next couple of days. Voting for the next city of hitchhiking tour between San Sebastian and Barcelona was tense until the last moment. We decided that guys will visit both of them. Spain hold on! #DostupnoEurotrip is coming.
April 29th, Day 15
Another night in the tent under the sky

In the morning Joel drove Valentyna to the airport and then returned back to the boys. Before leaving Dmytro went to throw garbage. On the way, he met a local girl. "Bonjour", said Dmytro and used a third of his French vocabulary. The girl answered, smiled and kept on walking. She threw out her garbage, returned to Dima and exclaimed an incomprehensible tirade in French. He did not understand anything, but from the context it became clear that she offered help. "Oui", Dima gave up his garbage and used the second third of his French vocabulary. The girl threw his trash. "Merci", Dmytro ended his vocabulary in French. The girl smiled and walked away. Incredible communication level with three words in a vocabulary.

On the road there were problems with the car, so they changed to a tram. In Bordeaux, all trams are accessible - with a low landing, less than 2 cm. French friend said that travel for people with disabilities is free. That is true, but it is like that with an international certificate that is not issued in Ukraine. Joel and Kostya had tickets, and Dmytro almost got a fine of 70 euros xD

Boys got to the station in the end of the city. Dmytro went to the WC at the car dealership. The special toilet was not working. With difficulty he used the usual. Meanwhile, Kostya was stopping the car. They wasted three hours. Finally one boy stopped. "Where are you going?", "To Bayonne (city on the border between France and Spain, 50 km from San Sebastian)". "I'm not going there, but I will pick you up to the better place". We drove about 70 km to Saugnacq-et-Muret . Waited there for another three hours. People stopped, but almost all of them were going back to Bordeaux.Front matter, or preliminaries, is the first section of a book, and is usually the smallest section in terms of the number of pages. Each page is counted, but no folio or page number is expressed, or printed, on either display pages or blank pages.
Dmytro found a parking place, according to the map it was 7.5 km away. There should be a lot of cars, it's easier to hitchhike. We went through the village and did not regret: nature, cozy homes, friendly people - like in the movies. I would like to stay there for the night. Eventually, the dreams materialized.

On their way they saw two horses. Kostya gave them a part of his apple. Dima always was afraid of horses. He thought they could eat him xD But after they became friends and he also gave his apple to them.Boys arrived to the parking place on the sunset. Waited there but without any success. Contacted Tatiana Moroz, with whom they agreed about the accommodation in San Sebastian. She tried to help our friends. But it didn't work.
Boys set the tent. Thanks again to ПроПоходи, we couldn't survive without you. It was a bit high humidity and a little rain. But warmer than in Poland. The guys did not regret that they could not leave the town. They spent a night under the stars.

Your support will not save Dima from sleeping under the sky. However, thanks to it, we will be able to tell about all the adventures of #DostupnoEurotrip in our blog and video.Friends , who support the project for a sum of 500 hryvnias, will receive postcards from one of Dmytro's stop place.
April 30th, Day 16

The morning in the parking lot turned out to be easy. Dima leveraged his charm and made friends with a cleaning lady, and she brought some delicious water for the guys from a local well because they spent the previous evening without water. In the parking lot, they found a shower equipped for people with disabilities. However, there was a fee of €13. So they decided to forgo it.

The guys had a difficult start to hitchhiking: nobody stopped at all. They stood there for 20 minutes in vain. Dima even went to try their luck at the autobahn. However, he wised up quickly and returned to Kostia. When they were thinking of taking a bus, they caught luck:

– Where to?
– To Bayonne.
– ­Get in the car.
– Whoa, that's unbelievable! Are you going to San Sebastián, by any chance?
– No, I'll turn.

Benjamin travels a lot and doesn't like GPS. He uses a paper map. He's been travelling solo for a month across Norway and Sweden, not long ago. He knows what trips like #DostupnoEurotrip are like and that's why he picked the guys up. He went with Dima and Kostia further than he planned — to Irún, a town located 20 km from San Sebastián.
At first, they wanted to hitchhike from Irún. They came across an exit to enter the autobahn. For the second time on the same day, they were about to give it a shot and changed their minds. They went to a train station. On the platform, a girl from Australia, who was starting her journey across Europe, helped them to figure out what direction to go in and how to buy tickets. They guys stepped off the train at a wrong station. Luckily, the next train arrived quickly. In Donostia (San Sebastián in Basque), Nicolas Tacussel and Tetyana Moroz met the guys. They gave Dima and Kostia some food, and they went swimming immediately.

Dima got to the ocean and that was it. He forgot about the camera, Kostia, #DostupnoEurotrip, Team ДоступноUA in Kyiv, his wheelchair, and the whole Universe in general. He spent over 30 minutes swimming in the Bay of Biscay. After the March Black Sea in Odesa, the water felt warm. He swam SO far that his friends lost him three times and couldn't figure out if it was a buoy or Shchebetiuk.

They went for a walk around the city — all on their wheels: Tania on an electric scooter, Nico on an electric skateboard, Kostia on a skateboard (he was given a skateboard as a present), and Dima on a wheelchair. Donostia is a very accessible city. The streets are designed in a convenient way, there's cool sloping access to the beach, there are ramps and elevators where needed. Everyone can use them with no exception. The guys got to a place with a nice view and enjoyed an incredible sunset in Spain. They found the only (as it seems) restaurant in the city with a step at the entrance and without a WC xD.

Nicolas said that Barcelona was difficult to reach. He offered to buy bus tickets and promised that our readers (aka you) would not know it. The guys, however, explained that that was one of the magic pieces of the project: you can travel with any amount, 100 euros per month for two or even without any money. Every bit of help matters. People could give them money for playing guitar or help them that way. If you'd like to support our project as well, your help is always welcome. You can do so by making a donation below. If you donate UAH 500 or more, Dima will send you a postcard from Barcelona or the next #DostupnoEurotrip city.

The guys enjoyed food and wine, a ride across San Sebastián at night, and, when they got back home, it was May Day — a big holiday — the birthday of Nicolas. And they continued the celebration. In the morning, a bus to the fabulous city of Antoni Gaudí was waiting for them.
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*Every kind soul who donates UAH 500 and above will get a postcard from the trip signed by Dima :) Please leave your contact details in the «payment details» field so we can contact you.
May 1st, Day 17
Bye ocean! Hello sea!

Guys had a bus trip planned in the morning. Tetyana made them sandwiches so they were all set for the travel. They arrived at the station 10 min prior to departure and no doubt trouble was waiting for them: the tickets have to be printed out, the electronic format is not acceptable. Once they've solved the problem it wasn't yet over for them: the bus was equipped with a special lift for the wheelchair but guess what "you should have informed the driver in advance". As a result Dima had to be carried in.

You might be surprised to know that the bus stations are located underground. In fact they are accessible: elevators, relatively good ramps, escalators! Quite comfortable. The same thing they've seen in other towns on their way to Barcelona: Pamplona, Zaragoza, Lerida. Everything is convenient, ramps are well made with the right incline, handrails, and stairs are accompanied by an elevator or a ramp. Sometimes in the places where stairs could be built they were substituted with a ramp to make it accessible for everyone.
At one of the stops Dima and Kostya got into an argument with an elderly Spanish couple. Turns out guys took their seats, and were supposed to be in the front row instead. But when Dima was carried in it was decided to place him a bit further into the bus to make more convenient for everyone. One lady stood up for the guys and had explained the situation. In the end, they stayed in their seats.

San Sebastian left quite an impression. Especially because of the ocean! Schebetuk and water is a separate story, he promised to come back. Mediterranean sea is waiting for them, from where he'll send you a signed postcard if you support the project with UAH 500+.

Finally arriving in Barcelona guys were greeted by Svitlana Kolisnychenko, their host in the city. The bus lift was still off and Dima had to be carried down. No time to get upset: they are staying right next to the Sagrada Família church, and everyone got a room on his own! For dinner Svitlana cooked borshch and cutlets (typical Spanish dishes ;)) Today they're out enjoying Barcelona, but tomorrow they will be off to another town of #DostupnoEurotrip, and you get to choose which one.
May 2nd, Day 18

Someone tried to ride Schebetyuk! It was a failure...

Boys could not wake up early, though they really wanted xD Svitlana spent all day with the boys. Walking around the city, at one of the central areas, they were feeding doves from their hands. Poor wild and hungry birds! They differ very much from our travelers, because during journey the guy were fed well all the time:)
In the city Dmytro wanted to visit a WC. We went to the nearest restaurant, where we found out that we should go downstairs. "Sorry, we have an elevator on the other side." There really was an elevator that went down to the basement. Dmytro got to the bathroom with no problems.
They hung around the city and then went to the sea. All three wanted to swim, but in the end only Dmytro swam there. It's the sea. They specifically went to see it. Is it possible to not to swim? The guys from the beach helped him get into the water. First it was really cold. The water was colder than in San Sebastian. However, he got used to it, and let it go. On the entire beach, nobody went swimming except him, some people got into water as far as the knees. Dmytro swam away and returned only when his fingers began to freeze.

Our travelers had a picnic on the Mediterranean seaside with wine and sandwiches. Due to the absence of tea, Dmytro stayed warm with a little whiskey xD He played a guitar right on the beach: not for money, just for pleasure. He even sang for the first time during the trip. A couple from Austria — Jorgen and Katerina — joined Dmytro, Kostya and Svitlana. Both of them are currently studying in Barcelona. Everybody had a nice time together and agreed to meet in the evening in an Irish pub — Martin Collins. One of the oldest pubs in Barcelona and one of the few, where they play live music.
In the evening, our company walked around the city, Kostyantyn took pictures. Svitlana decided to have some fun xD She moved slightly behind Dmytro, then suddenly cried "Catch me!", and jumped on his shoulders like a grasshopper xD Dmytro was not expecting such a turn of the events and topled. He was lying below the cart and Svitlana was on top. "Let's lie here, admiring the evening Barcelona" xD A crowd gathered, Kostya approached and helped Dmytro get up. Everybody laughed. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries. The back of the head did hurt a little though :)

In the pub Katya, Svetlana's friend, was waiting for them but, unfortunately, there were no seats, and they had to wait for three hours to hear live music. By the way, Katya writes poetry and recently published her own book.

They went back home and ate borsh again. That's how much they missed Ukraine;) For tomorrow Svitlana ordered Blablacar for the guys to go to Perpignan (a town in France close to the Spanish border). We had a very emotional day in Barcelona. Here there was the biggest number of people on wheelchairs during the whole trip. It was here that Dmytro clearly felt that #DostupnoEurotrip is coming towards the finish line. Though we are still far away from that. But we have already began to count the days before our return.
May 3rd, Day 19

The night in the tent. Take three. Or how did Schebetyuk climbed the fence

The rain did not spoil the last day in Barcelona. The whole day was sleepy because of the rainy weather. However, Dmytro and Kostyantin went hitchhiking not for sleeping. And even not for resting xD They went for a walk to the city. Unfortunately there were no tickets to the main pearl of Barcelona — Sagrada Familia. Our boys came back home soon. Svitlana dried up their clothes.

When it stopped raining a bit, they went to the motorcycle ride, as Svitlana had promised yesterday. The motorcycle was comfortable and large like a sofa. Dima was afraid that his legs would slip and get burnt with the exhaust pipe. This happened to people on wheelchairs before, but everything went great. Each of our explorers got ten minutes of motorcycle happiness.
Dima sent three more charity cards for those who supported #DostupnoEurotrip! How to get an hitchhiker's postcard from Shchebetyuk? Support our project for a sum of 500 hryvnas(or even more), and Dima will send you a postcard from the city where he recently is.
After dinner, Dima and Kostya went by Blablacar to France. The trip was paid by Svitlana. We are very grateful to her for this. <3 Our boys were picked up by Spanish girls. It was pretty hot in the car and at some point Dima began to feel sick and dizzy. He didn't feel himself so bad for ages. It was not so easy for Kostya either. A few moments later, Dima could not stand it anymore, opened the window and pushed his head out of it just like a dog. The girls noticed it and turned on the air conditioner. Some time later they stopped at the gas station, had a break on the fresh air, the girls treated them with cookies. Our guys felt better.

Travelers arrived at Perpignan when it started getting dark. Dima stopped the car while Kostya was going to look for a place for a night out. Dima had no luck: for all the time he stopped only one car and it was going the other way. But Kostya strove for success and achieved it. Except for the fact that the fence, which separated the road from the forest, followed by a steep descent, stood on the way. Fence was a meter high. Dima climbed up with his body, gathered all the dust, threw over one leg, the other hung on the other side. The drivers that were passing by saw Shchebetyuk's butt hanging over the fence. Kostya threw the wheelchair, clembed over and helped Dima to completely overcome the fence.

Then there was a steep descent. Dima thought to come back, but they managed to come down. We can't even imagine how they went up the hill today. Our guys put up a tent. They had their dinner and rested. There is a smell of pine and mushrooms. On the other side of the tent the rain is freezing. It's dry inside, but humidity has risen. Dima told Kostya some sad personal stories about the girl that happened these days. And he did not share it with us! However, we send him hugs and kisses of support, right? :) Also there is an uncorked bottle of wine. We are getting filled with the atmosphere of hitchhiking and looking forward for new adventures :)

May 4th, Day 20

The morning in the pine forest was warm and calm. Guys picked up the tent and went to the road. Together they climbed a steep hill, and then jumped over a fence. The traffic was crazy. In 15 minutes, they caught a car. Professional diver Tom drove them to Montpellier. Before buying a car Tom used to hitchhike a lot.

In Montpellier, they chose a cool place, but stuck there for three hours. Katrina picked up the boys. She noticed Dmytro and Kostyantyn before going to lunch and decided to take them on board. A 62-year-old Katrina doesn't look her age. In 1977 together with friends she went to Kyiv as students. With her help the guys got to Marseilles.
The weather on Côte-d'Azur is changing all the time: it's windy, and there is a big difference between heat and cold. Kostya went to the store to get bread near Marseilles, and Dmytro stayed and kept stopping cars. Soon a guy traveling to Nice stopped. Dmytro called Kostya to come back, they fueled the car and went on. Visited Cannes on the way. Did not get to Nice because Kostya wanted to go out next to the gas station to stop new cars. And they could spend the night on the seaside. Saying goodbye, the driver gave them four bottles of beer. Which was very welcome, because the they ran out of water, and thirst was increasing.
At the gas station, Dmytro tested the WC and was satisfied. Then he continued stopping cars, while Kostya looked for a place for the tent. Though he did not find the good place. It was necessary to continue by car. The boy stopped, his small car was so cluttered with things: Kostya sat behind and held the carcass of the carriage on his knees; Dmytro was ahead with his backpack. The driver was an artist and had an exhibition in a town nearby. Left his business card to the boys.
The guys are a little shocked. It seems like they have to say goodbye to the idea of renting a car. Because of the price. The rent itself isn't expensive, but taxes, fees for gasoline, autobahns, extra kilometres a day (can be no more than 100 kilometers per day) resulted in 512 euros. A huge amount, considering the agreed € 100 per month. It is about 40 km to the border with Italy, and then it is impossible to hitchhike. Without a car Dmytro and Kosta will face a real challenge in Italy. You can help them raise money for rent and make life easier for the boys after endless nights in the tent.

They spent another night in a tent in the forest of Cote-d'Azur, nine kilometers from Nice. It was warmer than in Perpignan. Having frogs and the crickets as neighbours. Today we had to get up early for two reasons. First: at 13:00 local time, Dmytro started the Wings for Life charity marathon campaign. All money from which will go to seek the methods of treating injuries of the spinal cord. Second: Kostya is scared to sleep in that forest alone. But despite all the fears, #DostupnoEurotrip must go on!
May 5th, Day 21

For Dmytro the active part begun from Charity Running competition Wings for Life. Not everyone was as lucky as Dmytro, surrounded by Mediterranean Sea on one side, and by snow-capped mountain peaks on the other. What a landscape <3 He got so fascinated by the views that he made few stops without noticing. However, it hasn't stopped him from running 8.39 km while reaching 12.3 km/h speed during some sections of the track. He was mostly running on pedestrian roads or bikeways.
While Dima was running some neighboring dog peed twice on his guitar cover and backpack (bringing good luck maybe?). The dog owner apologized to our runner and shared some wine and sandwiches with Kostya.

Technology can become quite handy while hitchhiking, especially when Google is showing 3D street views. That helped to find good spot for hitchhiking while sitting in McDonald's by walking 3 "virtual" kilometers. They went there but nobody stopped and several hours haven't brought any results. But finally a guy, who drove our travelers to Airport of Nice has noticed them and stopped.

Guys booked Blablacar to Romania and caught themselves on the thought to go all the way down there. It is quite close to Ukraine and maybe it's time to say goodbye to #DostupnoEurotrip. Just kidding! Guys are enjoying hitchhiking, despite getting emotionally and physically exhausted sometimes.

While waiting for response from Blablacar driver, they suddenly remembered about the Flixbus option. They checked and realized that there is a bus from Nice to Genoa in less than an hour! They ordered the tickets. Driver hasn't spoken any English but translator with a couple tourists from USA helped guys out. From her they learned that the bus driver even not allowed to touch Dima and to help him getting into the bus. They had to call the officer in advance to use the special wheelchair lift for busses. But of course Dima quickly organized help for himself.

During the ride Dima was enjoying the views outside the window, while Kostya was watching a movie. Nice undoubtedly deserves a visit. The whole road to Genoa Dima spent admiring the landscapes and thinking if he has any postcards to send. Supporters with contribution of over 500 UAH would definitely get special postcard from our travelers!
They didn't have enough time to find a place to stay in Genoa. But guys got lucky and met the Father Vitaliy. So they spent their night in the temple of St. Stephen.

While Dima was talking to us, Kostya finished the yummiest sausage. The official notice to Kostya: stop this sausage discrimination! And keep our Dima safe. You still have to go back to Kyiv and we know where you live xD

Our travelers got very exhausted by the end of the day. Especially Dima, after he took part in running competition. They wanted to wash off all the fatigue and simply relax. And they'll get a chance to slow down for a bit and spend the following day in Genoa. And then explore another city of #DustupnoEurotrip.
May 6. Day 22

Did you know that Dima almost does not hear with his right ear? Because of that he almost missed the alarm clock. And when Kostya got up to turn it off, he was surprised that there was so much light in the room, and the alarm clock still did not go off xD

After breakfast in the temple our explorers went to the city. They decided to play guitar and as soon as Kostya sat down to tune the strings, the first one bursted. On the trip, Dima plays his music and almost doesn't use the first string. And he went on to play when Kostya ran to buy the new one. Kostya disappeared for about an hour: he went to five music stores, and finally bought a string in a bookshop.
Meanwhile, Dima was playing without the first string. A dog came up to him, and so its owner - a beautiful girl with curly dark blond hair and gray eyes. Dima almost fell in love again during their hitchhiking trip. <3 He could not talk to her because he was busy playing the guitar so Dima just smiled. And she smiled back at him. Was it a spark? The dog continued to sit next to Dima, as if hinting. She was leaving and the dog stayed in the same place. "Understand me, let's stay here", as if the dog said. "Understand him," - Shchebetyuk said. And he looked at her walking away for a long time.
They returned to the temple where Lyubov, the wife of Father Vitaliy, fed the boys so much that Dima felt sick. After dinner, Dima and Kostya visited the church worship of Father Vitaliy. By the way, the temple is not accessible - at the entrance there are a lot of high stairs. But during the time of #DostupnoEurotrip Kostya learned how to help, and the stairs became easy to overcome. After the worship Father Vitaliy gave a possibility to Dima to tell people about hitchhiking.

While Dima is in Genoa, you can get a postcard from one of the oldest European ports. To do this, you need to support #DostupnoEurotrip for a sum of 500 UAH. You can find the card number in the first comment.
Our travelers walked a lot in Genoa. They rested after two days on the road and two nights in the tent, got quarreled, but quickly settled everything down, went for a walk to the port. As soon as Dima thought that he hadn't seen anyone in the wheelchair in Genoa, they met the teenager. They shared a couple of words with his parents. Then our boys met Bogdan. He realized that the boys are from Eastern Europe, because his girl is from Ukraine. And he himself is an Italian, although he has the Polish name xD. He had one leg amputated, so he moves on a special seated sigway.
During the day, our great guitarists played it twice and earned 40 euros. They played for the second time in the evening, gor frozen a little and went home. In the near future they take a brief pause in traveling and stay in northern Italy.
May 7. Day 23

Oh relentless #DostupnoEurotrip, what are you doing to us? Looking back to yesterday:
Kostya injured his knee whilst walking on wet sea pebbles. He's limping a bit now.
Dima's scar began to bleed. He says, 'I'll bleed to death and will not come back to you.' Dima, no joking! We're looking forward to welcoming you back – safe and sound.
Meanwhile, salty sea water healed scars on Dima's hands caused by spinning the wheels non-stop.
BUT this all shrinks into insignificance when you see the Genoa sea. This is a day that we were dreaming of during the cold wet nights in a tent in a parking lot near Katowice as well as in other uncomfortable locations. Thoughts about it kept us warm and made us keep going. And today is THE day: a warm beach, cool sea waves, you're lying on the beach warming up under the sun, or diving into the sea and swim, swim, swim. We all need such 'beacon' place, which will guide us to a highway when our lives seem to be moving in a wrong direction.

The beach is covered with pebbles. It's much more convenient for a wheelchair, as opposed to sand. To get into the water, Dmytro invented a new lifehack: he was rolling into waves on his side. Senior high school students from a local school helped him to get back. They came to explore something on the shore. Another lifehack: get changed simply on the beach covering yourself with a long A-shirt. It still makes Dmytro wonder why it felt so difficult before the injury? It's as easy as 123!
The guys spent last night at father Vitalii's place again. Thank you for giving shelter to our travellers – and for a longer period than initially planned!

The next city is Venice. There's only one week to go until the end of the trip. And you still have time to get a postcard from Dima and Kostia. To make it happen, make a donation of UAH 500 or more to our project. Our bank account number is in the first comment to this post.

Let's continue our journey, shall we?
May 8. Day 24
Traveled to Venice, and arrived ... to Switzerland

In the morning, Father Vitaly took the boys to the petrol station in Genoa - the only possible place to stop the car to Venice. During the farewell, he was very inspired by the #DostupnoEurotrip. Probably, he recalled his own experience of hitchhiking during the time of the seminary and projected it on Dima and Kostiа.
They stood in a good place on the beginning of the road. It started to rain and the cars didn't stop. They crossed and hid underneath the canopy until they met their most frequent friends during the journey - European policemen. They did not speak English at all and did not even want to understand it. In the end, the policemen explained that it wasn't allowed to hitchhike here, our guys had to go back to the petrol station. So they did. They didn't risk to go under the canopy again. And that was a right choice. As they found out later, there was a police station nearby. Who dares to test patience of brutal carabinieri dressed in Dolce & Gabbana.
They were waiting on the gas station for more than four hours. Until they noticed a parked car with Latvian plate number. Dima waited for the owners, spoke to them and agreed that they would take our travelers with them. Though they did not know where. Marcis and Christine were going home to Riga, they have two children and were traveling for work: they decorate and make comfortable cafes and restaurants. They deliberately chose this job to travel a lot.

Dima reacted quickly and made a route from Genoa to Riga. That way was through Switzerland. He thought that somebody offered to host them there (later they found out that it was a mistake) and it became a "pro" argument. Instead of Venice, the guys went to Switzerland! Marcis and Kristine were only glad to have a company at least for the part of the road. And Kostya was nervous a little bit cause he did not know where they were going.

Switzerland is a fabulous country. Atmosphere in the mountains is amazing. First snowy, then "naked". Similar to the Carpathians. However, everything is a bit more accessible and tidy. For example, even a regular toilet is convenient for a person on a wheelchair. What to say about the disabled one. Our travelers felt very free there. The temperature kept changing from high to low. They saw all the four seasons on our way.
They stopped in the city called Kur, where they found tickets to Venice for the next day. They drove to the cafe, had some coffees and tea. Regarding the toilet - stairs were going down, however, staff told us that they had an accessible one and opened it. Then guys said goodbye to Marcis and Christine and went for a walk.

In the evening they went to the bus station. Dima went to the toilet and spent there usual for him two hours. An employee approaches Kostya:
- We are closing in 15 minutes.
- But there`s my friend in toilet. On the wheelchair. He needs two hours.
- Okay. You have 15 more minutes left.

Kostya called Dima, explained the situation. Dima went out, agreed with the worker: he closes them at the station so Dima can finish his chores and returns in two hours. With one condition: do not go close to the windows. At night, the police are patrolling. If they see people inside a locked station, they will break the window and enter inwards. And this will create a problem for everyone.

Fortunately, everything went well. Dima and Kostya took the night bus to Milan, and then another one to Venice. The bus was free. They managed to sleep a little and relax. They arrived to Venice this morning. Rested and walked around.

You can receive a personal postcard from Dima from one of the most romantic cities in the world - Venice. All you need to do is support #DostupnoEurotrip with UAH 500 UAH.
May 9. Day 25

By the time Dima and Kostya arrived at Mestre, the mainland part of the Venice city, they were exhausted. But disappointment didn't spare them: certain people promised to meet the guys, host them overnight and take them out for a tour around the city. Instead, they simply disappeared. Please don't do that. But there is no time for sadness on this trip! And happy they were when Dima's Instagram friend Alisa offered to pay for hostel and let the guys rest the night.

They bought train tickets to get to the city center. In order to get onto the train one must climb three steps. Guys asked the station staff for help but got a rather rude refusal: "you should have requested help in advance". Luckily, random passersby agreed to help them out.

From there, they bought water bus tickets to St. Mark's Square, where they had scheduled to meet Marta Bilas. Originally they intended to buy roundtrip tickets, but Dima was so tired that by accident blurted the word "return" in Ukrainian. Because of that small slip of the tongue, later they had to purchase return tickets from a special machine where they cost 7.50 EUR (if the morning attempt was successful they would've had them for 1.50 EUR).
Venice is lovely <3 The channels, the beautiful buildings right on the water. And the marvelous bridges! Oh, wait, it should have been "the horrible" bridges that are totally inaccessible for someone on a wheelchair. Yet, you'd think that would stop Dmytro?

The postcards were sent out to those who supported #DostupnoEurotrip. If you want Dima to send you one from the next city they visit — support our project for 500+ UAH. Be sure to include your name and return address!

So at the square they've met Marta, joined by Leonid Maruschak and Oleg Shapoval. Even planning of this meeting made Dima feel good, he was happy to see someone familiar. They took a walk around the square and the waterfront. Venice's bridges really do restrict mobility. Afterwards they went for a meal together. The boys were treated with lunch and Aperol Spritz ;) The place they dined at was accessible: a ramp and a restroom convenient for people with disabilities.
These last days were very expensive, in terms of money as well as physical and emotional reserves. They decided to go out and play some guitar. But just as they were about to take it out the local police showed up: you can't play guitar for money on the streets of Venice. At least this message was delivered in a very friendly manner, so no complaints here.

In Venice you are a tourist with money first of all: in a hostel the mattress, pillow and blanket were included, but one needs to pay extra for the sheets (guys spent the night in their own sleeping bags); if you want to make tea or use the kitchen — pay some more. And those prices were not a joke!

Now Dima and Kostya hold the course to Vienna. It's a question how they'll get there as of now, but as you know nothing can stop #DostupnoEurotrip. Not even having to spend another night in a tent (hope not!)
May 10. Day 26

In Venetian supermarket guys spent 2,64 euros: bought two loafs of bread, the big sausages and 8 small ones. That's the food for the day. They went to hitchhike on the petrol station. Wasted 4 hours. Only few cars stopped offering a lift to Milan or around the town.

Since the morning Kostya was freezing and Dima was boiling hot, wearing shorts. Dima went to the restaurant near the petrol station to ask for the cardboard so they can write their destination. The girl was very fond of Dima and hitchhike: she helped with cardboard and was ready to help with anything she could.

They didn't want to stay in Venice. So they searched online for the plate numbers that belong to neighbouring area with Austria and started looking for them. Later on guys spotted one car with this plate number on the petrol station. Approached the owner of the car, told her about the #DostupnoEurotrip and asked if she could give them a ride. Francheska didn't mind it at all but warned that her car was full of stuff. Luckily guys are used to fit in minimum space avaliable. She took them to Udine.
Almost straight away they have noticed a car with Austrian plate number. They tried the same approach as before. An elderly couple was travelling to Vienna but they didn't speak a word of English only German. Guys stayed in Udine. It was for the best and they found out later.

Evening. Unsuccessful hitchhike. Guys started thinking about sleeping in the tent. Writing on the cardboard changed from Vienna to Austria. Suddenly Audi coupe stops nearby. The driver was a girl whose name we didn't understand, she loves hockey and drinks a lot of energy drinks. She was on her way to Bratislava to watch World Hockey Championship.

- Why did you stop?
- Because my car is empty.
- Unique answer
- Because I am unique girl. – we all laughed at her answer.
Their paths went different direction in Villach. There is no camping around, hotels are way too expensive and there is only 20 euros cash left. Went to McDonald's to finish eating sausages and make a plan of further actions. After Dima's stories in Instagram, he was contacted by Oleksii with an offer to host them. Oleksii and his wife Kateryna Heletei live close by and picked them up by car. The couple are both doctors and live in Austria around 11 months.

Dima and Kostya had a luxury stay, they got separate rooms and Dima even took a bath that he hasn't done in years. But wasn't the last surpirise, today Oleksii and Kateryna are going on vacation and on their way they will give guys a ride to Vienna. Hurry up if you want to get a postcard singed by Dima from Vienna. For that you need to support our project with UAH 500 or more. Make sure to mention your name and address.

Are you looking forward to the event-meeting about #DostupnoEurotrip? What cities shall we visit?
May 11. Day 27

In the morning, Dima, Kostya, Oleksiy and Katya went to the town of St. Pölten. There, Oleksiy participated in Spartan competitions – a jogging distance with various obstacles. Later guys met with their new friends, who offered to host Dima and Kostya, if they did not find a pace to crash in Vienna.

On the way to Vienna, they stopped in the park to admire the view. Found a WC, convenient for wheelchair users. It was closed though. Katya and Oleksiy made some calls, while Dima was squeezing in to the "usual" WC: inconvenient, but what can you do. Suddenly, Kostya rushes in to the toilet: "Dima, police...". "Damn! What have we already done?! What does police want from us again? "Dima thought. "... will arrive in 20 minutes to open the WC for you!", Kostya finished the sentence.

It turned out that in Europe people with disabilities have a universal key. And when they need to use the toilet, they do not need extra help, they just open it and use it.
The guys got to Vienna without any troubles. Oleksiy and Katya gave our travelers a ride to Olenka, who agreed to host them. Olenka and her roommate Katya live on the fourth floor and were very apologetic that Dima had to climb all the way to the top without an elevator. Yes, it would be much better for the guys to sleep somewhere on the street. Dima and Kostya again slept in the sleeping bags from ProPohody, because the girls were not expecting any guests.

Olenka has been in Austria for 15 months, studying at the Conservatory. The cost of education is the same in Lviv and Vienna, so why not study in Austria. She also has experience of hitchhiking on the route Kharkiv - Dnipro - Lviv.

Later Dima and Kostya went for a walk with Roma. like Katya, he teaches at the Austrian school for Ukrainians. Fun fact: their schools are severe rivals. The guys will be staying in Vienna for the next few days. So if you want to receive a postcard from the Austrian capital, support #DostupnoEurotrip for a sum of 500 UAH or more. But be sure to include your name and address.

#DostupnoEurotrip goes on, although we've already begun to count days before the return of the boys!
May 12. Day 28

After spending the night at Olenka, our guys went for a walk around the city. Vienna's infrastructure is aimed at people's comfort and thanks to this city is convenient for everyone. The same goes for the Viennese subway. All stations have lifts. However, one elevator did not work, so Dima climbed an escalator - which also did not cause problems: station workers did not chase him with the requirement to wait for support. At the same time аccessibility of buildings fails: there are staircases everywhere at the entrance. And we still do not know why this happened. Maybe someone knows and can tell us?

When Dima and Kostya left the house, they took the guitar with them, even though a girl who lived in Vienna for a long time wrote Dima about forbiddance of earning money by playing the guitar. In case of violation they confiscate the instrument and give you a fine. There is one place where the ban does not apply. There was no chance to try yet..
Our explorers walked around the city with Roma. Very energetic guy! He comes from Chervonograd, which is in Lviv region. In Vienna he studies theology. At one time, he hitchhiked in Ukraine and traveled through Transcarpathia with a friend. Roma did a guided tour of the city for the guys: told a lot about its history and buildings. They saw houses with signboards where Lesya Ukrainka and Ivan Franko lived (great Ukrainian poets), the Russians were against the establishment of the sign of Franco and accused him of anti-Semitism. However, an Austrian professor collected information and conducted a workshop that denied such allegations. After the seminar, the sign in honor of Franko was established.

Also guys visited one of the symbols of Vienna - St. Stephen's Cathedral or Stephansdom. The cathedral has one of the best organs in the world, which was not yet returned on its place after repair. The repair cost about 1 million euros. Just imagine the size of that organ.

During the old city-walk it started to rain. They waited for it to stop in the pizzeria, they had some tea. Everyone went to the toilet, except for Dima :), because of the stairs. Later they found there was an elevator. You have to go outside, go through the kitchen and down by the elevator. The toilet is not equipped, but Dima climbed into the middle. Meanwhile, the waitress was waiting outside: no irritation, no hurry, with a smile. Just as it was in Barcelona and everywhere in Europe. Because the client is a client.
Today guys were in Vienna. So you still have the opportunity to get a postcard from Dima during #DostupnoEurotrip. You just need to support our project in the amount from 500 hryvnias. But be sure to include your name and address.

There are two more days of hitchhiking in Europe. There is 23 euros left for two.. Do you think that it is enough or they will get into a debt pit? :)
May 13. Day 29

Dmytro and Kostya do not want to leave Vienna! No, not Vienna. They do not want to leave Olenka and Katya! The guys were given a place to sleep, friendly people, tasty food. Of course, they don't want to leave. Such a warm receive became a pleasant tradition during #DostupnoEurotrip.

Woke up very early because of the noise of the sea. They remembered that there was no sea in Vienna. But there is a dishwasher in the apartment. Meanwhile, it was raining outdoors. The boys were expecting to stay at home because of that, but Olena commanded with her strong military voice to get ready.

Walking around the city, they searched for diapers for Dmytro at the local pharmacy. They found one for 25 euros. Not an option, given that the balance for the boys is 20 euros. In another pharmacy they found another ones for 9.99 euros. In one of Viennese parks, while Dmytro was working, Kostya fed ducks with chocolate. It seems that the guys are losing contact with reality. Time to go home.
Along with Shönbrunn, the residence of the Austrian emperors, they agreed to meet with Maria. She has lived in Vienna since her childhood, and it was her, who shared the place where you can earn playing the guitar. The road there was steep, so sometimes Kostya and Maria helped Dmytro.

Another cold windy day in Vienna. Dmytro and Kostya found the place where they are allowed to earn money playing guitar ... and there were policemen nearby! They wanted to ask them if it was allowed, but they changed their minds and waited until policemen left. Played, and earned almost 12 euros. While Dmytro played, even the weather improved: it had become warmer up and the sun came out.

An interesting story of the urban planning of Vienna: before the development of one of the districts of the city, while it hasn't existed yet, the government makes the underground till that place and connects it with the city center. Set up an information that shows how the area will look in the future. People come there, have a look and buy the apartments before they are built.
Dmytro was tired today, feeling unease, the tiredness built up for the whole trip. In the evening, Dima measured his body temperature - 35.8 and 36.4. That's not good. However, tomorrow morning they will travel to Bratislava. Maria shared the smart way, how to get there by bus for one euro: you register in the corresponding application, and the first trip costs one euro instead of five.

Bratislava — the last chance to get a postcard from Dmytro with #DostupnoEurotrip. To do this, you need to support a project with 500 UAH. Be sure to include your name and address.

And in Bratislava guys are planning to sell the guitar. It is impossible to take it to the plane. If you or one of your friends in the city needs a guitar, write to Dmytro. The last days of hitchhiking in Europe. We can not wait to meet the guys in Kyiv.
May 14. Day 30

Dima was attacked by a woman! Before the bus trip guys went to send postcards at the local Post Office. While Kostya was busy actually doing that, Dmytro was taking pictures of the horrible (inaccessible) stairs that led to the entrance. Suddenly a woman approached him and started furiously yelling in German that the pictures were taken illegally. Dima couldn't explain anything to her as she didn't speak English. Seems that she thought he was taking pictures of her. A passersby intruded and tried to explain to her that she wasn't on the pictures, he was just photographing stairs, but she wouldn't calm down for a while.

They barely managed to get onto the Bratislava bus on time. The driver was very warm and accommodating: gave them water for free, allocated necessary trunk space, and helped Dima to get off. During the trip Dima was saddened by the thought that the #DostupnoEurotrip is nearly over. The blues almost got through to him. But he was exhausted enough to eventually just accept the thought.
Bratislava is not at all what you'd expect after watching the Eurotrip movie :D A comfortable and accessible city. More convenient than a typical Ukrainian one. Nevertheless guys didn't have an opportunity to stroll around: Slovakia was rainy and windy that day. So they enjoyed that perfect time to rest and do nothing.

Guys were hosted by Liliya Punchuk's family: Liliya, her husband Dmytro and son Dmytro. Later our guys found out that their godson's name is also Dmytro :D. Dmytro-senior was the one to come pick up Kostya and Dima, he gave them a ride around the town before bringing them home. After a delightful supper, Dmytro-junior and Dima gave a little improvisational performance.
Today at the Bratislava airport it was really hot: at the check-in they were allowed to take the guitar with them into the cabin, but right at the gate other staff members told them to pay an extra fee for that option. Well, Dima and Kostya don't give in easily. So right at the terminal they just… started breaking the guitar! That surely surprised everyone around. Dima's destructive attempts were not quite successful, so the surrounding passengers started talking him into abandoning the plan, offering to pay what's needed, but the staff also wanted Dima to stop and eventually agreed to waive the fee. That's how common sense prevailed at least on their way back from #DostupnoEurotrip.

And finally they are home! After all those planes, cars, trains, tents, gas stations and cities! 30 days ago when we were watching them start the trip we can't have known that the hitchhiking month will fly by so quickly.