Week II

I don't like sitting on the back seat of the car. For the wheelchair user it's more convenient to get in and out of the car from the front seat. But when you are invited to travel inside police car you realise the lack of choice. I was finishing writing my previous blog, travelling in the police car around Katowice. This blog I will start again with police experience. We are 400 km to the west.
At first we didn't realise they were police, we thought they are just random people who stopped to listen to our music. Cool, they might give us some money that we are trying to make by playing here. We looked up at them and saw police uniform. After meeting their colleagues before we were ready for the worst.

"Another fine and they will take all the money we made" – I had on my mind.

"Another night at police station" – thought Kostia.

Luckily we have avoided the trip to polish prison to check it out for accessibility. We have paid the fine which was one-fourth of our monthly budget. We realised that problem that can be solved with money is not that big of a problem.

"Do you have a licence to play here? Charles Bridge is an architectural monument. It's not allowed to play music here. Please move a little bit further, you can continue playing there" – policeman spoke good English, sometimes trying to speak Russian. He was proud of himself when we understood his Russian. We didn't really care which language he spoke to us as long as he lets us go. Officers were didn't mind our offence.

During the next two days we had to deal with German police. So we already have experience with officers in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, basically all the countries we have visited. Judging by this we will see more police officers in Luxemburg and all the following countries of #DostupnoEurotour
Bettembourg is a city on the French border. Less than 10 km and you are in France drinking wine and speak putting the stress on the last syllable.

"Kostia, we need to get off on the next station. The train is going different direction from Paris" – he nods his head and addresses the staff on the train station "Our tickets are expiring, what shall we do?".

"That was our fault you couldn't board the train because it wasn't suitable for the wheelchair. Therefore you don't have to pay for another ticket".

It's easy to live in European countries: if it's your fault you pay the fine, if it's company fault – you get compensation. Sense of responsibility is a great. That's something we need to learn from them.
Finally the train arrived. We waited for it way too long. We need to get off on the next stop but that was the least of my worries. Jumping into the train and I am rushing to the toilet. Time that wheelchair user spends in the toilet is much longer that regular person does. Trip time to the next stop is around five minutes, it all I spend in the toilet.

"Dima, we got to leave the train" – Kostia is nocking and shouting through the door.

I quickly pull up my pants, grab the backpack and rushing out of the train. Doors close right behind me. Luckily we made it. Loving this trip xD
Night. Paris. City bus. But forget all the romance, we are tired and soaking wet from the rain. We are on our way to the guy who agreed to host us in Paris. Giving him a call to make last arrangements. "Please tell me you prepared a hot bath for us (separately of course, we are not that close) and some hot dinner. We will appreciate it so much". "Where are you guys?" – he asked,

"On our way" – I answered, "Sorry but I won't be able to meet you and give the keys, I've got to leave now". That's how our dreams about hot bath were ruined and we were left soaking under the rain.

Crap. He sincerely apologised and I accepted it. At the end I had to calm him down and reassure that we would be fine. It's not the first time we would sleep in the tent. Of course we would like to leave that experience behind but if needed we would do it again.

"What's up" – Kostia was dying from curiosity.

"It's off. Your turn to call".

Sometimes it's good to have a backup plan.

During this trip I have almost finished my new song. Just the melody for now. Will definitely play it for you when I come back.