Week III

Road sign that motivates you to follow the rules. Never seen this before. Signs along the road measure the car speed and if it is under the limit the face is happy, over the limit — sad. There is no fines or warnings.

"It's a great motivation for me, — says Victor, — when I am travelling with kids I don't want them to see sad road signs. 5km/hr doesn't make much difference. I would rather slow down so my kids can see smileys".
In Paris we got some fragrant French cheese as a present. Kostya refused to eat it as he can't stand the smell of it. So be it, there will be more for me. The cheese is gorgeous so as smell. Smell spreaded on everything, my guitar, back brace and even Kostya. So now my clothes smells not only like wine but cheese. Always keep the balance.
Somehow most of people that we meet during the trip think that it's hard for me to move around the town and always offer me a lift. It's very kind of them and I always accept those offers. But for everyone to understand: I love walking around and it's not hard for me, especially if town is accessible.

In Bordeaux I ran out of diapers. The next day we were travelling to Spain and we didn't know where were going to stay overnight. Kostya, Valentyna Petrivna, my ex mother in law, Joel, her boyfriend, and me went to the town. Car's brake pads were wearing thin so when you break a lot they get stuck. On our way the brakes started smoking and we had to pour water on them. Smoke on both sides of the car — looked spectacular. We left the car to cool down and walked to the town.

Common problem of all European countries, and France is not an exception, is that most of the supermarkets are closed on the weekend. Same thing with pharmacies. We found one open shop but they didn't have my size so we kept on looking.
We found a pharmacy! Nearby buildings all have stairs but not this one. The doors are open automatically and it has a ramp. Unfortunately they didn't have diapers. Joel asked the pharmacist who referred us to the first floor. It was a first floor in an old building. Does it have an elevator? Yes, It does. We went up, there was a little ramp near the elevator. The incline of it wasn't right but it wasn't an issue. There also were handrails. There were no diapers but diaper underpants. They are inconvenient because you need to remove shoes and all clothes below the waist to put them on. Regular diapers are easier to manage as they are on velcro. We still bought one pack of diaper underpants. It takes more time and effort but the issue needed to be solved.

I have also found electronic thermometer, been always dreaming about one like it. Moreover, it was super cheap — 3 euros. Kostya called me childish but later bought himself one.
To take some good pictures sometimes we went to the road. Is it against the law? We haven't done anything bad, didn't play guitar in the town, moreover we left it at home, didn't hitchhike in forbidden places as we had our own car. Why Joel is talking to police? What have we done?

"What did we do wrong? What did officer told you?" — I asked Joel when he came back.
"Nothing at all. I just asked him until what time elevators work in public places".

Cool, I am still paranoid about police.
09:16. Saugnacq-et-Muret. 170 km from San Sebastian. Before this trip I have never heard of this town. Basque Country. It got the same amount of voices as Barcelona. Holly Molly. Shall we just skip it and go east to beloved and reliable Barcelona. Everyone knows Barcelona. There is sea, beautiful architecture and it's warm. Skip San Sebastian? It might be a nice town but who knows. What if it's not cool and we will waste our time including the trip time. So shall we skip San Sebastian? Oh well, say we forgot, didn't see, and got lost. San Sebastian? Oh, driver took us the wrong way, didn't understand us and took us with him. Right, let's make it driver's fault. No one will find out. So we do this way.

21:16. San Sebastian. Coooooooooool! San Sebastian is awesome. Love it. Ocean, people, accessibility. Oceaaaan! It's warm! It's not like Black sea in March when your hands go numb after 5 minutes. It's so good here.
I will definitely come back.