Week IV
Barcelona. Midday. Walking around the city. Kostya got lost, he went to take a picture of something. I needed to go to the toilet. Svitlana and I went to the closest restaurant to look for the loo but we faced stairs. Suddenly we were approached by the waiter: "Excuse me, the lift is on the other side". Quick descent to the basement. Staff waited for me outside while I was in the toilet. Very calm with smile. After they escorted me back. I didn't have the feeling of being a burden to them. As we found out later, it was staff elevator. In Kyiv I can remember only one occasion when I was allowed to use staff lift instead of telling me to go down the stairs. Sometimes I miss this attitude in Kyiv.
We have been hitchhiking in France for already a couple of hours. I wish someone would stop and offer to drive us to the closest town. We would probably refuse the offer but at least could chat for a bit. It would cheer us up.

There is a car with Ukrainian plate number coming. Ukrainians! Yes. Native souls. We are shouting Ukraine, jumping, and waving at them. That was the first car with Ukrainian plate number since Czech Republic. They did notice us but still drove past us. They probably thought that's how we hitchhike. The simple fact that Ukrainians are travelling made me happy.
Somewhere in Norwegian French wood. It is raining quietly outside the tent, destroying our plans to wake up at 7 am. What's the point of getting wet? We would rather sleep longer and wait for it to stop.

Three hours later. The rain has stopped. People started walking around, kids are running. I feel like real Noah who released the pigeon after the flood, but it did not return. A lot of people around. In the evening Kostya was afraid of staying overnight here. He thought that this area is deserted and they might be attacked by wild animals. :)

In a couple of hours there is charity race Wings for Life. We were planning to hitchhike and go somewhere before it starts. Now, in the daylight, I saw that the sea and the mountains nearby. I don't want to leave at all. Can I live here?
"Yes, I really love Monkey Theory! - I try to prove to French driver. - I heard a lot of their songs. Put on their music".

He turns on the music. We hear rap coming from the speakers. Local French rap. Oh. Is Arctic Monkeys and Monkey Theory are different bands? Shit happens :)
With Father Vitaly, who hosted us in Genoa, we have had some spiritual conversations. They have an advanced church: he uses WhatsApp and Messenger, and was hitchhiking at the time of his studies at the seminary. He told us about a guy from Lithuania who escaped from the house, got to Genoa without money, and in the church where Father Vitaly is in charge, he was given a refuge. He stayed here for a long time, resumed his spirit, something changed inside him and he returned home.
I really wanted to keep that image in myself, but I decided to share it. One of the city's squares. I am playing the guitar. A beautiful white dog comes to the cover of the guitar and behind him the owner - a beautiful girl with grey eyes. Wind is playing with her curly brown hair and she tries to hold back. One moment and I am in love. Such a wrong moment again. We are here just for a day. She is walking away but the dog holds her back and stays next to the case. I am smiling. She gently smiles back. I am totally in love. The dog still doesn't let her go. "Stay here. I finish playing and we chat". She is going away. Everything I can do is to follow her with my eyes.
Finally, I felt some freedom. We got rid of the scheduling in #DostupnoEurotrip. Last three week we spend following the route that been decided by our readers, they vote for certain destination, we travel there, look for a place to stay and explore the city. Now we got of the route, followers voted for Venice and we are in Switzerland. It's cool. We totally respect their choice. Sometimes we need to organize the chaos around, inside our heads, life around and nature. Sometimes we need to just let it be. It is necessary to relax and allow yourself to surf the life. Make it a little chaotic and unplanned. Sometimes.
We are on our way. From Switzerland we have reached Milan. There we got on the different bus to Venice. Unlike in France, drivers here are allowed to touch me (sounds freaky). They were helping Kostya to carry me inside the bus. One driver from Moldova was very happy when he heard our names.

In a few hours we will visit Venice. There are free seats on the bus. We are lying down on them and resting after a difficult trip. The end of hitchhiking is in less than a week. We are on the finish line.