#DostupnoEurotrip. Week V

During our hitchhiking we met a huge number of good people: they took us overnight, gave us a lift, fed, gave money for our street music, and sometimes just like that, for nothing; with some we spoke in few words and we will never meet them again. However, I would like to mention and thank the category of people that hitchhikers usually forget. These are people who were driving and stopped, but could not help us. Routes did not match, or they going somewhere very close - do not make sense to get in. There were dozens of such people. You stopped talked to us for a couple of minutes and returned on the road. Those moments gave us hope. The next car will definitely take us. Your words cheered us up. When you are on the road for four hours with no result, then moral support is words that have deep meaning. These words supported us, until the arrival of OUR car.

Thank you! Unlikely you will read these lines. Therefore, I will send my thanks to the Universe. It is fair. It will definitely pay you for us at the right moment
The need for quality communication.

Even before the trip, I agreed with myself, if necessary, we will live this month hitchhiking eating just bread. Well I forgot to tell Kostya about it, but that's ok. We were fortunate enough to avoid this fate. We were eating only bread just during long travels between cities. Like on the road to Nice. We had a sprout with us. Kostya ran to buy some bread. There was no bread left. Kostya took six buns. But the situation is we were missing three euros. What to do? You cannot take less buns because they are in a package. Not buying them in general means that we have only a can of sprats for dinner and breakfast. But we were lucky. Good people help us all the way. The sales lady forgave us three euros, moreover, gave a bigger pack of buns - 10 pieces. Also later on we will be lucky in one of the McDonalds, where the cashier gave us extra juices for free.

Meanwhile, I'm stopping a car at least to get to Nice, because there is no desire to repeat the experience of sleeping in the tent. We agreed with the Kostya: if I call, it's a signal that there is a car. You drop the call and run to me. Deal? Deal.

The car stops. Where? Nice. Get in. Just a minute, I'm with a friend. He is in the store. Will call him now. Calling.

- "Allo".
- What "allo"? Run here, there is a car.

And what did he want to say to this "allo"? We all agreed.

An hour and a half have passed. Kostya chose to go to the gas station. We continued to hitchhike, instead of getting to Antibes and staying overnight on the beach. Near us there is forest. Just in case Kostya went to look for a place for a tent. I'm next to the road. The car stops. "I can give you a lift somewhere around". "No thank you".

- There is no places for the tent. We have to go further. - returned with the news Kostya.

- There was a boy ready to drive us.
- I saw.
- What did not you signal me?
- I do not know.

Fortunately, we were picked up soon enough by another car. We are very lucky in hitchhiking.
The road from Venice to Vienna was full of strange dialogues for us:

- Where are you going?
- Austria, Vienna.
- Oh! Do you have any problems?
- No, we have a project.

- Do you know what, Kostya? There is a paid toilet.
- How much?
- I do not know.
- Let's keep searching...
- I already went.

- Why did you take us?
- Because my car is empty.
- Unique response
- Because I'm a unique woman.
If you travel to Europe, Vienna is the first city to visit. And then in all the following cities you will find parts of Vienna. Austria is incredible! If I did not love Ukraine that much, then I would call it the gateway to Europe. In Vienna, a cheeseburger and a hamburger are the same price – one euro – and this is the lowest price for the whole trip. That's why Vienna is worth a visit to xD

Visited St. Stephen's Cathedral – the pearl of Vienna. There is a huge Gospel with a golden cover in the cathedral. They have found this cover in the library of the Ukrainian church, where there is the same Gospel. There is a legend that the cover was removed from the Gospel in the Ukrainian church and brought to the cathedral. You can believe it or not.
Genoa. One of the city's squares. Playing the guitar. The lady smiled at me and went past. Returned a minute. She liked the music. I asked if I wrote it. I did. She gave a couple of coins, wished a good day and went. And she left warmth in my heart. It's not about coins, but her returning and being interested in my music. One person can make our day better. Every person needs to realize his power.